Rental Division


Whether you’re looking to find homes, apartments, condos, townhouses, or other properties to rent—or you want to fill your vacancy quickly and easily—you’ve come to the right place. Select Leasing & Management is the place for renters and property owners and managers to connect online.

Select Leasing & Mangement offers a comprehensive search of thousands of rental properties in greater St. Louis. You are one click away from easily and conveniently selecting the home of your choice. Need a pet-friendly house for rent, a 2 car garage or a fenced yard? Our advanced search allows you to find the perfect rental, without sorting through irrelevant listings.

Are you a landlord or propety manager?   Select Leasing & Management is a dependable source for posting rental listings.  We have a database of tenants that may be looking for your property, so contact us today. 


How to Apply for a Lease

Like purchasing a property, leasing a property is a real estate transaction and certain procedures must be followed. If you do not understand the documents please seek competent legal advice.

Rental Application

Applicants must complete the application in full. Failure to complete the requested information may result in a delay processing the information.

Credit Report / Application Processing Fee

  • $50.00 per person over 18 living in the home
  • Please apply online:
  • Copy of Each Applicationʼs Drivers License/State ID/Passport
  • Please provide your last two bank statements and paystubs to the application

Potential Costs

When you sign the lease, depending on the landlord, you may be asked to pay the first month's rent and a deposit. If you have pets, there will also be a pet deposit. The pet deposit varies, but it's typically between $250.00 and $500.00 per pet. This information is typically provided on the property listing.


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